Pipe Support

Focus Techouse Engineering has a strong focus on cost effectiveness and constructability. Our vast experience from Norwegian and International engineering and construction sites enables us to combine your specifications as a client with the requirements given by the applicable design standards like NORSOK, ANSI/ASME B31.1 and B31.3 and DNVGL.

We use Bentley Prosteel as the main CAD software for modelling and drawing production of pipe supports.

Pipe supports are included in our multidiscipline 3D model. In this way, infill steel is reduced to a minimum by utilizing the existing structure wherever possible, saving both time and cost during fabrication.

We use our own developed software (FPSC) to perform calculations and documentation based on ASME, NORSOK and DNVGL requirements.

Pipe Support example

We design for

  • In-place
  • Temporary cases (transport, transit, etc.)
  • Explosion

We perform

  • Linear-elastic static analyses

We use

  • DNVGL standards
  • ASME standards
  • NORSOK standards
  • Eurocode standards

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