Structural Calculations

We perform structural calculations for all permanent, temporary and accidental load conditions. All analysis work is done in-house, with a high focus on selecting the right tool for the job.

Larger structures, such as topside modules are analysed and code checked using SAP2000, which is our preferred tool for calculating beam and plate element structures. Where applicable, local calculations are performed to verify capacity of connection details and lifting points.

Detail calculations and analyses for mechanical components are performed using ANSYS Workbench. For the most complex analyses we use ANSYS through the Rescale platform, which is a cloud-based service that enables us to set up a high-performance desktop in order to reduce the solution time for the analysis.

Structural calculations for all pipe support structures are made using our own developed tool; Focus PSC (FPSC) developed for calculating standardized pipe support structures. Calculations are performed for the support frame structure itself, as well as for the pipe attachment such as U-bolts, clamped shoes, welded shoes or trunnions. Learn more here

We design

  • Operational load conditions
  • Temporary load conditions
    • Lifting
    • Load-out
    • Transport
  • Accidental load conditions
    • Explosion
    • Dropped object
  • Fatigue load condition

We perform

  • Structural calculations
    • Linear-elastic analyses
    • Non-linear analyses
    • Material nonlinearities
    • Time/history analyses
    • Explicit analysis
    • Fatigue verification
  • Pipe stress analyses
  • Pipe support calculations

We use

  • DNVGL standards
  • ABS standards
  • NORSOK standards
  • Eurocode standards
  • IGC code
  • API

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