Efficient Pipe Support Calculation

As a service to our clients, Focus Techouse Enegineering has developed a unique software Focus PSC (FPSC) that enables a more efficient and cost saving pipe support calculation. FPSC is a tool developed especially for pipe support designers, enabling them to quickly verify the structural integrity of the pipe support design.

Calculations are performed for the support frame structure itself, as well as for the pipe attachment such as U-bolts, clamped shoes, welded shoes or trunnions. Code checking of the frame elements is in accordance with applicable DNVGL and Eurocode standards.

For support details, and connections between separate structural members, weld calculations are included. Attachments details are verified in accordance with ASME B31.3 and MW Kellogg.

The structural calculations and code checking are performed using SAP2000, which is our preferred tool for calculating frame structures. However, for the pipe support designers, all input is entered through the simple user interface of FPSC. After the calculations are performed, the results are easily accessible for the pipe support designer directly in FPSC. Joint reactions are easily extracted for further verification of the underlying structure.

Main features

  • Calculations for 30+ predefined support types
  • Code checking in accordance with DNVGL-OS-C101
  • Weld calculations
  • Verification of pipe support attachments

Pipe support attachments verified in FPSC

  • Trunnions (with or without repad)
  • Welded shoes (with or without repad)
  • Bolted shoes and clamps
  • U-bolts
  • Guides and stoppers

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