All engineering drawings produced by Focus Techouse Engineering are generated from the 3D model. Changes made in the 3D model will be updated in the drawings.

Drawings are created and organized in accordance with Client specifications as well as applicable design standards. The level of detail and the scope of the drawings will vary depending on the task. For a typical topside module we will deliver:

  • Structural drawings
    • General Arrangement drawings
    • Structural detail drawings for Main- and Secondary steel
    • Detail drawings for outfitting structures such as grating, stairs/ladders and handrailing
    • Arrangement drawings for any temporary load conditions such as lifting, transport or load-out.
  • Piping/layout drawings
    • Piping isometrics
    • Pipe support arrangement and detail drawings
  • Mechanical drawings
  • Electro, Intercom & Telecom (EIT) drawings

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