Working smarter by integrating stress and piping information in one 3D model!

Traditionally, pipe design and pipe stress are performed in two separate models. Ensuring that the two models are aligned is time-consuming.

Focus Techouse Engineering has made a tool to integrate design information between E3D and Caesar II, saving time, reducing the possibilities for errors, and freeing up the stress engineer to do actual stress design.

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Superfast Pipe Support calculation – does it really exist?

For the Anna Nery FPSO, Focus Techouse Engineering recently designed seven topside modules, with a total of more than 7000 pipe support structures. Thanks to our calculation program, Focus Pipe Support Calculation (FPSC), all of the design and calculations were performed with a team of no more than 12 designers.

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What can go wrong if the Electro Instrument & Telecom discipline is left out from project-start?

At the beginning of the project, there is a battle for the available space on a module. All disciplines will have most of the available space and this space is very limited. In some cases, the module must be expanded to allow all disciplines to place their equipment, and if a discipline is excluded from this work process, we may end up with a module that is not large enough for the job for which it is intended. So, what can go wrong?

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The most important thing in a project!

Focus Techouse Engineering has contributed with engineering work on regas modules for Wärtsilä for several years. Well-functioning digital collaboration platforms and regular project meetings are the foundation for successful projects, but the most important ingredient in a good collaboration is the relationship between the participants.

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The FSPO Anna Nery. Image source:

How Norwegian companies can collaborate to fulfill deliveries in international projects

Aragon has been awarded two contracts by the shipowner Yinson Production to design, procure and construct seven modules for gas treatment and compression for the FPSO «Anna Nery”, which will be put into operation offshore Brazil in 2023. The contracts have a total value of close to one billion Norwegian kroner and Aragon will deliver these seven modules during 2021. Aragon and Focus Techouse Engineering (former Focus Engineering)are collaborating as one team on the engineering work for the modules on the FPSO “Anna Nery” project. 

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Focus Techouse Engineering, China, celebrates 10 years and moves into new office!

Focus Techouse Engineering, China, celebrates 10 years and moves into new office!   Focus Techouse Engineering’s branch office “Danor” in Qingdao, China are celebrating their 10 years anniversary in 2020 and at the same time moving into a new and larger office space. “Due to increased activity we could simply not fit in the old…

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