Marine Operations

Ensuring safe sea transport of all types of modules is very important to Focus Group.

The company designs, calculates and documents the structures and the supports that ensure that loads and modules are attached securely so that they can withstand all the stresses they may be exposed to during transport, such as bad weather, strong winds and large waves.

Meticulous planning is required to make sure the operation runs smoothly to get the module on board. The decision as to whether the modules are to be lifted on board with a crane or rolled onboard barges on multi-wheel trailers needs to be decided at an early stage of each project. The engineers in Focus Engineering excel at performing such tasks, thanks to years of experience.

Focus Engineering has led such operations on a number of projects. Their know-how often sees them carrying out the planning work on the engineering project, other times they manage the entire process which involves both the engineering work, as well as onsite presence and management of the physical lifting operation and installation on board.

Focus Cable Equipment delivers lifting operations for Reel projects. Learn more about Lifting Arrangements.

Focus Construction delivers products like hatches, winches, crane booms, ship doors and other fabricated marine equipment you may need. Learn more about Marine Outfitting.

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