One very important aspect of the engineering work is the layout that ensures that health, safety and the environment are protected. This involves creating solutions that facilitate a safe working environment in addition to compliance with environmental regulations.

Technical safety includes measures that promote fire safety, operational safety, the working environment and contribute to reducing environmental impact.

A number of different elements need to be taken into consideration in the safety engineering field. Every day must be safe for those who work and stay on-site. For instance, the number of escape routes in the form of ladders between decks are included in such work. The same applies to assessments related to the distance between the escape routes, the width of stairs and landings, as well as the marking of escape routes. To ensure a good working environment, consideration must also be given to how and where equipment such as valves, inspection hatches and panels are placed to safeguard easy and safe access for the personnel on board.

The fire extinguishing systems must also be designed correctly in line with current regulations, which means, among other things, that flushing nozzles in the sprinkler systems must be positioned so that they adequately cover the areas they are intended to be deployed in.

The impact on the environment must also be factored in. For example, proper drainage is essential to make sure that oil, and other substances that contain hydrocarbons, are transported in closed systems and collected in separate containers in the event of leaks.

Focus Group’s engineers possess the expertise and competence required to deploy all the necessary measures relating to technical safety. They have in-depth knowledge of the current applicable regulations governing operating environments, fire and pollution, and always keep their knowledge up-to-date so that any changes to regulations or legislation can be implemented promptly in the projects.

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